Come join 2 toe tapping, rapping frogs, another in search of an adventure, a fairy who travels on roller blades and some wild and zany characters all looking for ADVENTURES in books!

(45 min. program)

​Discount for multiple programs.

Reserve your presentation soon because we get fully booked early.

Thank you and we look forward to being a part of your summer fun!

1 HOUR of fun and giggles. Adventure begins with a "chuckle" and a good book. Students will have fun tackling words and turning them into actions, but with a twist. Example: Students will take an object and create a new use for that object. The "funny" happens when the student is asked to create a commercial with that object. We like to call this CREATIVE DRAMA, we also call it "thinking outside the box."  A fun way to build self esteem, plus WE LOVE CREATIVE MINDS!


Summer Collaborative Reading

(3) Great Programs

A Magical Pond - More Adventures  (SHOW)

Finding Your Giggle - Teens & Young Adults Class

Adventures in Comedy! - Adults -Readers Theater Class


Show dates: June 1 - August 1 2024.

Contact us to reserve a day and time. We will send you a LETTER of RESERVATION detailing cost, day, time. Payment is due day of show.

Life can be funny - at least we think it is, because we wrote about in 3 hilarious ONCE ACT COMEDIES. No wonder the world's a stage and all men and women are merely players - Even Shakespheare knew that!

No acting skills required for those who participate in this fun readers theater class. All you need is a sense of humor and the ability to recognize that drive-in-funeral homes, dating web sites and adults can be quite funny. (1 hour 45 min.)

"Anything is possible, if you only believe!" (Bugly the Frog)